About Our Firm

Following a successful career as counsel to one of Washington's most prestigious policy advocacy firms, Andrew Asher established Asher Law Associates in 2006 as a specialized business litigation firm.

Since that time, it has grown to advise clients all from over the world who require devoted counsel and representation in convoluted commercial disputes or have strategic priorities that more often than not involve the need for deeper government policy insight.

Andrew and the team of colleagues he brings to bear on client matters produce personalized solutions that are tailored to complicated legal, government and business challenges.  His clients find this practice style and approach to be a discrete reassurance that they enjoy the comfort and confidence of large, national firm competencies while benefiting from the time-honored tradition of the personal attorney-client relationship.

Over the years, the firm's domestic and international clientele have spanned fields such as:

  • Capital/Investment Funds
  • Distilled Spirits Manufacturing
  • Downstream Oil and Gas Ventures
  • Federal and State Lobbying
  • Federal Political Action Committees
  • Global Travel and Hospitality Providers Operating in Over 60 Countries
  • Hispanic Broadcast Media
  • Hospitality and Entertainment Asset Finance
  • International Banking and Financial Services Providers
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Throughout Europe and Central America
  • Tax-Exempt Issue Advocacy Committees and Business Leagues